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Nutrition vs. Exercise - What's more important?

What do you think is more important?  What you eat

or what you do?  If it comes down to calories in and

calories out does it even matter?  Doesn't that mean

they are equal then?




The simple answer is no.  I am not sure what

scientists used to figure it out, but a recent study

I read said that losing weight was about 70% nutrition

and 30% exercise. 


I don't know why this is, but it makes common sense to me.


Nutrition is more important, because besides it controlling

your calories in. it also controls the calories out.  It controls

calories out because it is the fuel that you body will burn to

do these exercises.


The food you eat doesn't just give you calories, it gives you the

basic building blocks your body needs.  If you cut down your

calories but eat like crap, your body won't be healthy enough to

exercise to it's best ability.


Exercise and nutrition both very important, but remember at

the end of the day nutrition is the more important factor.


Eating disorder groups say the same thing, that eating is much more important than working out. First you get the food right, then you can work out a little.



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